Dome Day Photographs

This year for Dome Day we will be providing Event books of the games. The books will include all three of your teams games. You have several options you can purchase just the book itself or you can choose to purchase a whole page or half page just for your player's game pictures. The page will have their name along with what we decide is their best photos at the game. I have already calculated shipping if you live out of town and would like your book mailed to you please include it in your price. If as a team you would like to have me deliver your books I will need you to pick a contact person and let me know I will then arrange to deliver the books to that person and that person will be responsible to get them out to everyone else. If this is the option chosen I will not charge a delivery fee. Once you decide what you would like please fill out the form and then provide payment. I accept Venmo, Paypal, I can also invoice you and let you pay with a card.


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